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Wimberley began as a small community of pioneers, many with land grants due to service in The Battle of San Jacinto. Wimberley in those days was known as Glendale until the 1850s when a settler, William C. Winters and his family came to the area. Winters built a saw mill and later a grist mill along Cypress Creek. The town was renamed Mills Creek.

The town would change name two more times in honor of residents–from Mills Creek the town became Cude’s Mill. When Pleasant Wimberley settled in town and took over the mill, the town adopted it’s final name, Wimberley. Today many of Wimberley’s original buildings still stand and the Wimberley Cemetery is the final resting spot for many early Wimberley residents including several Civil War Veterans. These graves date back to the mid and late 1800s.

Today Wimberley is a booming town that owes its success to its history. The community revolves around Old Town Wimberley and the shops located there. These shops and the Wimberley outdoor market held once a month attract visitors from every region of Texas and beyond, and often the population of a little over 9,000 people are out numbered by the visitors to this friendly little historic hot spot.

Housing in Wimberley can be described as historic also, with an assortment of these old time charmers near the center of town. Many have been lovingly restored. The tree lined streets of downtown Wimberley transport many a visitor to the previous century and beyond. If an old home just isn’t your cup of tea the outskirts of Wimberley offers new homes; many situated on the nearby rivers and creeks. These homes are usually on a large lot, have many shady trees and views to die for. The best thing about the housing in Wimberley has got to be the prices. The median home price is in the high $200,000 range, which makes living in such a charming community possible for even the most budget minded of buyers.

The children of Wimberley attend Wimberley Independent School district. The district is small but maintains a high level of achievement and the children thrive in their small town schools. The district is continually striving to provide a well rounded education that includes innovative learning as well as robust athletic activities and extracurricular activities to keep students interested in learning and having a good time doing it.

Wimberley can offer residents a sense of community with cohesive goals, activities and an easy going lifestyle that makes Wimberley one of the most attractive prospects for anyone considering the purchase of a new home.

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